Joynton Av, Zetland

Joynton Av, Zetland


Zetland sites and surroundings was operated by Nuffield Australia and its successors BMC Australia and Leyland Australia until the factory was closed in 1975. The site was acquired by the Commonwealth of Australia for a Naval Stores depot which operated until the mid-1990s. The land was subsequently re-zoned into high density housing.

As part of the development of the area  AYZ was awarded the contract to construct a drainage culvert / boardwalk and landscaping to the frontage of the 13 Joynton Ave high density housing developement.

Works involved excavation of the area installation of the concrete base and installation of the 2 metre x 3 metre major drainage culvert along the front of 13 Joynton Ave. Working with engineers we re-designed the pier footings to enable installation of the boardwalk above the culvert.

AYZ then constructed the Boardwalk which involved forming and pouring of the piers / construction of the galvinised steel frame and installation of the mesh decking with timber kick rail with 2 driveway crossovers for access to the development.

A natural swale was constructed on top of the culvert to divert surface water and the area around was fully landscaped.