UNSW Roundhouse

The University of NSW, Roundhouse

From upgrading the public domain area around the refurbished Roundhouse & Footpath, to the preparation and road construction around the new Science & Engineering Building. We always ensured the highest standards of safety for teachers and students.


The Roundhouse, as one of UNSW Sydney's earliest buildings, was constructed in 1961. It was designed by the office of the NSW Government Architect, with Joseph W. van der Steen as Project Architect; and Edwards, Madigan, Torzillo, Briggs Architects. It was considered a cutting-edge architectural statement as Sydney’s first-ever circular building, and one of the only buildings solely dedicated to student recreation on a university campus in NSW.

After more than 50 years of use, the vision was to refurbish the entertainment venue to prepare it for the next 50 years. With all new paving and outdoor furniture to ensure a positive and comfortable environment for both students and staff to enjoy while outdoor studying or relaxing and socializing with friends.